J Pharm Pharmacogn Res 2(Suppl. 1): S118, 2014

Special supplement with the abstract book of LATINFARMA 2013



Ochoa Azze R.

Finlay Institute, Ave 27 No. 19805, Zip Code 11600, PO Box 16017, Havana, Cuba.

Introduction: VA-MENGOC-BC® is a bivalent vaccine against serogroups B and C Neisseria meningitidis. However, some researchers have declared that effective B meningococcal vaccines have not been developed yet. Others state that this vaccine does not provide protection in children under 4 years-old, as well as against heterologous strains. Also, there have been worries about the possibility of hyporesponsiveness to C polysaccharide, if boosters are necessary and regarding the influence of vaccination over the carrier state.

Methods: All results of clinical trials and postlicensure studies were analyzed to clarify the immune response elicited by VA-MENGOC-BC®, and its influence on the meningococcal disease morbidity.

Results: VA-MENGOC-BC® was licensed after successful clinical trials that demonstrated high immunogenicity and efficacy. It induces a Thelper 1 pattern with proper bactericidal and opsonophagocytic activity. Protective response against different Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B strains has been detected, even in infants. This vaccine also induces strong immune response against serogroup C, which support the adjuvant capacity of the proteoliposome. The induction of immunologic hyporesponsiveness has not been demonstrated. After vaccination campaigns there was a rapid fall in the incidence rates of meningococcal disease in several countries. The incidence rates of this disease in Cuba remains under 0.1 x 100,000 inhabitants during last years, that is why there are not epidemiological reasons to add boosters in Cuba, however other studies suggest that boosters could be necessary. The B:4:P1.19,15 and NG:NT:P1.NST phenotypes were the most found before and after vaccination respectively.

Conclusions: 1) VA-MENGOC-BC® induces an evident protective immune response against both serogroup B and serogroup C strains in infants, children and adults, 2) The immune response elicited by this vaccine is not completely limited to vaccine strains, 3) Immunologic hyporesponsiveness has not been proven, 4) The use of boosters should be additionally studied, 5) VA-MENGOC-BC® modifies the carrier state.