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Manuscripts can be submitted through email.

Authors are required to send a Covering Letter along with the manuscript undertaking that, “manuscript has not been published so far/communicated to some other journal”. The Cover Letter should include the corresponding author’s full address, email ID and telephone/fax numbers.

Before submission authors should ensure the manuscript format as per the JPPRes guidelines.

Please Note

JPPRes will not accept manuscripts that claim to demonstrate antioxidant or antimicrobial activity with a single evaluation or assay method. The phytochemical studies should be quantitative.

Antioxidant: Several studies on natural phytochemical compounds produced conflicting results because of the nonspecific “one-dimensional” character of methods used to evaluate antioxidant activity. Because most natural antioxidants and phytochemicals are multifunctional (i.e., due to variations in system composition, type of oxidizable substrate, media of initiation and acceleration of oxidation, methods to assess oxidation and to quantify antioxidant activity), a reliable antioxidant protocol requires the measurement of more than one property relevant to either foods or biological systems.

This also applies to the antimicrobial activity in which this activity will depend on the type of assay used for the evaluation of samples.

Microbiology: The resistance profile of microorganisms should be included. The disk diffusion is a preliminary method. Minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) and minimal bactericidal concentration (MBC) by The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) should be included. Please indicate the sample solubility in aqueous systems (the culture medium is aqueous).

Phytochemistry: The phytochemical studies should be quantitative. Studies that describe only qualitatively secondary metabolites of a sample will not be accepted.


These ready to use templates are made to help the contributors write as per the requirements of the Journal. Save the templates on your computer and use them with a word processor program. Click open the file and save as the manuscript file.

All these templates are .DOT files.

Type of article:

Original Article

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Mandatory templates that must accompany the manuscript:

Copyright & Ethics

Covering Letter

Please send the documents in PDF (Copyright & Ethics and Covering Letter), as well as in Word (manuscript template-type of article) via e-mail.

Final check list for the manuscript submission:

Manuscript has been arranged as per author’s guidelines.

Is the Covering Letter attached with the mail?

Photographs and pictures should be submitted in JPG/PNG/TIF attachment.

Authors are aware of JPPRes publication policies.

An acknowledgement for manuscript submission will be sent to the author through e-mail.

For any kind of queries authors may contact us through this form

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