Volume 3, Issue 5

J Pharm Pharmacogn Res 3(5), (Sep-Oct) 2015


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1.- Original Article
Ada I. Regalado, Luz M. Sánchez, Betty Mancebo (2015) Actividad anti-inflamatoria de los extractos metanólicos de hojas y de tallos de Tabebuia hypoleuca (C. Wright) Urb. | [Anti-inflammatory activity of the methanolic extracts of leaves and stems from Tabebuia hypoleuca (C. Wright) Urb.]. J Pharm Pharmacogn Res 3(5): 109-117. DOI: https://doi.org/10.56499/jppres15.082_3.5.109 jppres_pdf_free[323 Kb] [ABSTRACT | RESUMEN]
2.- Original Article
Elda P. Segura, Luis Méndez, Eréndira Márquez, Alejandra I. Vargas, Karla M. Gregorio, José L. Martínez, Anna Ilyina (2015) Effect of Carya illinoinensis, Quercus rubra and Smilax glyciphylla extracts, pectin, and papain on the dental biofilm microorganisms. | [Efecto de extractos de Carya illinoinensis, Quercus rubra y Smilax glyciphylla, pectina y papaina sobre los microorganismos de la placa dental]. J Pharm Pharmacogn Res 3(5): 118-129. DOI: https://doi.org/10.56499/jppres15.059_3.5.118 jppres_pdf_free[385 Kb] [ABSTRACT | RESUMEN]
3.- Original Article
Douglas Dourado, Camilla Barreto, Rafaela S. Fernandes, Ian M. R. Blanco, Danilo Oliveira, Neila Pereira, Mateus F. Leite (2015) Development and evaluation of emulsifying systems of the material grease from Brazilian flora. | [Desarrollo y evaluación de sistemas emulsionantes a partir de grasas de la flora brasileña]. J Pharm Pharmacogn Res 3(5): 130-140. DOI: https://doi.org/10.56499/jppres15.069_3.5.130 jppres_pdf_free[287 Kb] [ABSTRACT | RESUMEN]

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