Volume 7, Suppl. 1 (ZTIPC 2019)

J Pharm Pharmacogn Res 7(Suppl. 1), (October) 2019

DOI: https://doi.org/10.56499/jppres.7.suppl1_ZTIPC_2019


Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan and The University of Toledo

Seventh International Pharmaceutical Conference (ZTIPC 2019)

Future of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan

November 6-7, 2019

Conference Proceedings jppres_pdf_free [1.3 Mb]
Editing, design and realization: Gabino Garrido, Marisela Valdés, Tariq Al-Qirim, Walid Al-Qerem
Editorial Scientific Council: Tariq Al-Qirim, Walid Al-Qerem

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